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Our strong team of over 4,000 employees has set itself the goal of bringing the best shock absorbers in the world to the market. Applicants with professional experience are always welcome, as we offer not only an exciting working environment and great colleagues, but also many benefits that are well worth seeing.

Our strong team of over 4,000 employees has set itself the goal of bringing the best shock absorbers in the world to the market. Applicants with professional experience are always welcome, as we offer not only an exciting working environment and great colleagues, but also many benefits that are well worth seeing.

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The production of shock absorbers and suspensions requires an extensive, personnel infrastructure. We have divided our overview of occupational fields at BILSTEIN into eleven departments.

Woman holding a part that will later be used in a BILSTEIN shock absorber. She is smiling into the camera.




Introducing our business units

Our BILSTEIN Academy brings together more than six decades of expertise in shock absorbers and suspension systems. Our colleagues are not simply “silent custodians” of this treasure trove of knowledge, but technically skilled and communicative mediators.

As lecturers, we organize internal and external face-to-face and online training courses – primarily for employees, wholesalers and workshops. The content ranges from shock absorber production to suspension installation in the areas of series production, tuning and motor sports. In addition, there is technical support for workshops and the trade as well as the official BILSTEIN Service and Technical Centres.

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Business Excellence

BILSTEINers never stop thinking outside the box and actively shaping our future. That’s why we are always looking for new trends in the market at business excellence, in order to recognise potential at an early stage and react to developments. In close cooperation with the management and the specialist departments, we develop strategies and solutions from this in order to position BILSTEIN securely for the future and to improve continuously.

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Controlling provides important information for the planning, management and control of our company. Based on this information, the company management makes decisions for future developments and puts them into practice with the help of controlling.

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Our technologies are anything but standard. They represent the pioneering spirit of us as BILSTEINers and are milestones in the development of the automobile. Our engineers and developers are already working today on the damping technology and chassis of tomorrow.

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Human Resources

At BILSTEIN, we firmly believe that good results can only be achieved by employees who work with passion and commitment. As an HR department, we see ourselves as the link between the company and people, supporting our colleagues in achieving their goals.

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Our IT department takes care of BILSTEIN’s information technology infrastructure. In addition to the computers at the workstations, this also includes the telephone system and mobile phones of the employees.

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Our Logistics department plans, coordinates and controls the value chain and enables effective execution of all necessary processes to distribute our products worldwide. Through the international network to all locations, we ensure a smooth flow of information and goods.

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BILSTEIN cannot do without advertising, no matter how good our products are. Our marketing department places particular emphasis on digital platforms and the effective coordination of our social media channels.

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Our motorsport history began when Mercedes-Benz first installed BILSTEIN gas pressure shock absorbers in their rally cars. Soon after, Porsche joined as a motorsport partner, followed by BMW, Alfa and others. In 2012, BILSTEIN Motorsport celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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Procurement & Supply Management

The procurement of high-quality raw materials, components and materials for our entire product range is a demanding challenge that our procurement & supply management department meets on a daily basis.

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Product Management

Our Product Management department is where the world revolves around vehicles: this is where products get their name and values.

Our Product Management department coordinates and monitors the product portfolio throughout its entire life cycle. We deal with product analysis, the product concept and product optimisation. This means from conception and development to market entry, marketing and also market exit.

We are the link between development, production, sales and marketing.

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The world’s major automotive brands trust us – and not without reason. Experience shows how important it is to have a clearly defined quality strategy. From the vision to projects to measures to ensure defined quality requirements, we are constantly working on our high benchmark.

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Our sales department is responsible for distributing and selling our products to end customers and wholesalers. Our primary aim is to build and maintain long-term customer relationships for BILSTEIN.

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Meet the team:
Sebastian introduces you to the vehicle dynamics team





Get to know new perspectives with job swap

How it works

If you would like to get to know BILSTEIN from a new perspective, you have the opportunity to participate in our popular job swap program. How does it work? Find a tandem partner within the entire thyssenkrupp group and swap jobs with him or her for two weeks.

Main goals

The primary purpose of the job swap program is for BILSTEIN employees to get to know each other better, but also to better understand the requirements of other departments and to experience a change of perspective. In addition, job swaps are used to trigger the development of new ideas across departments.

Best place to work: Unsere Job-Benefits

Company car

For business trips, you can choose a suitable vehicle from our extensive fleet.

Good work/life balance

With our compatibility through flexible working time models, you have more time for your family.

Programs for a good working environment

We regularly conduct programs to further improve the working atmosphere and ensure the health of our employees.

Fair payment

Competitive salary is an important basis for us. On top of that, we offer special payments – for example, Christmas and vacation bonuses and contributions to private pension plans.

International network

Connect with BILSTEIN employees around the world and take part in joint events.

BILSTEIN Merchandise

Buy BILSTEIN products and merchandise at favourable conditions.

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The career portal of our parent company thyssenkrupp offers you many other interesting jobs worldwide as well as interesting news and reports from employees.

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